Opposing Force Training (OP4) is dedicated to one single idea. That it is possible to completely recast the genetic expression of one’s body. In other words anyone’s body can be transformed into any type of physique the owner wants. The way this happens has been reduced to reliable scientific equations. In the early days of personal training these equations were still being subjected to the rigors of scientific research, and there were very few places where one could go to for a new body. We were one of those places. OP4 trainers view each client’s physique as a blank start where they can sculpt a physique like no one else. They transform clients into masterpieces largely through personalized personal training, nutrition, RapidResultsProgram and the revolutionary MBS (MindBodySculpt).

The formulas for reshaping a body require a number of skills which our team has collectively accumulated via access to some of the greatest scientific resources the world had to offer. With OP4 Body Transformation Programs thousands of pounds were lost, hundreds of lives been changed, decades of years been added to the back-end of people lives. Ahh.. Feels good.